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Consumption measurement
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  • What is KALOMO?
    KALOMO is a program that allows you to measure your calorie consumption. The measurement is based on your weight progression. The upper part of the calorie measuring cup that remains free shows you your calorie deficit for the day. The Kalomometer shows your calorie balance for a 10-day period with the small triangle.

    It takes a few days to measure calorie consumption accurately. Until then, the measurement result will be more and more accurate. The data is updated immediately after the weight change is entered and at midnight.

    KALOMO is a web app that runs in any browser. Installation is not necessary. The program remains permanently open in a browser tab. Use "add to home screen" in the browser and KALOMO becomes an app.
  • Another calorie app. No :)
    KALOMO is unique. The program works with your calorie entries and carries out a measurement of your consumption with your values. The consumption display reflects your perception. Another unique selling point is the user-friendliness. No parts of meals are clicked out of databases, but the energy content of food and exercise is simply estimated. Smart calorie counting takes less than a minute a day.
  • What is the principle?
    In a car, the amount of fuel consumed is divided by the number of kilometers driven to determine the fuel consumption. Calorie expenditure is measured by dividing the net calories consumed by time, taking into account the change in weight. The measurement is carried out by routinely estimating calories and entering the change in weight.

    Based on the measured calorie consumption, your daily deficit or excess is shown in the Kalo glass. By default, the glass is the size of your daily consumption. Tap on the glass to get more information and setting options.
  • How fast can I lose weight?
    Weight loss occurs from 1 to 4 kg per month. This requires a calorie deficit of 300 to 1,200 a day. However, it is not about losing weight quickly, but about a controlled and individual lifestyle adjustment that can be sustained permanently. This leads to a stable body weight and healthy eating. All nutrition questions can be discussed in the chat in the WebApp.
  • How do I use KALOMO?
    Each food consumption and burnout during exercise is entered into the calorie calculator app. All calorie entries are estimated. The calorie table in the burger menu can be of help to you. This makes KALOMO perfectly suitable for everyday use and it is impossible to skip anything due to the lack of caloric data. Complete entry allows calorie consumption to be measured if weight change over the past 10 days is known. Measured consumption also tells you if you are estimating calories correctly or are prone to misjudge them. Updating your weight daily improves the accuracy of measuring caloric consumption.
  • Find Calorie Values!
    You will quickly get used to the typical calorie estimation. Until then, you can look up the calorie count of any food or drink in the most comprehensive built-in calorie database. The search is powered by Google. For a quick overview, there is a 10-row calorie table that provides reference values against which to estimate each calorie intake.
  • Is KALOMO a diet?
    No, KALOMO is not a diet! You only enter information about caloric intake and exercise into the program. If you know your caloric intake, you can set a calorie deficit as a target. KALOMO can be used as a program to achieve a healthy body weight.
  • How much does KALOMO cost?
    KALOMO has sponsors and can be used free of charge for 365 days per year. Not using it may cost you your health, your money and possibly even your lifetime. The use of KALOMO will remain free in 2020 and 2021, 2022. 2023 too. Your sponsorship will be displayed.

With KALOMO you have your weight under control

The Kalo measuring cup is the size of your currently measured daily consumption. As long as it doesn't get overfilled, you're in a calorie deficit. The Kalomometer shows your individual energy balance - your balance - and your progress in the weight project. You decide whether you gain weight, maintain the weight or simply lose weight.

It's just a decision.

How does it work? Try KALOMO!

Forget Diets

Balance calories

Enjoy food and appreciate Kalomos
Consciously stay under consumption
Collect sport Kalomos and increase consumption

The Calorie School

Calculate your calorie needs and estimate them

Rethink calories. Become your own master at estimating calories and find the right balance anytime, anywhere. You are the creator of your dream figure, you have it in your own hands. Learn to juggle calorific values in this calorie school.

How many calories does my breakfast have? How do I eat more for the same energy? What is my calorie consumption and how do I calculate my calorie requirement? Which foods are the smarter choices? How do I avoid food cravings? What should I do if I get weak?

Calorie Burning App

Kalomo is a web app for effective weight control that is particularly suitable for everyday use. You should roughly estimate each calorie intake and record it. Using Kalomometry, this is more accurate and helpful than blind, i.e. unverified, calorie counting. Groceries are not weighed. There is no barcode scanning and no food database in this simple calorie app. Estimating calories is not difficult if you take a look at the nutritional value tables on the packaging and use the [calorie table] for orientation with food calories and sports consumption.

All entries in the calorie app are summed up and the calorie balance is displayed as a Kalomometer. This calorie balance shows the current calorie deficit or calorie surplus since the beginning of the day and over ten days.
The calorie balance is based on the measured consumption. Unlike many calorie calculator apps, the individual calorie consumption does not come from a database or a formulary, but is an indirect measurement about your weight history.


Kalomometry is a method of metering consumption with retrograde mass-based calibration.

1. Principle

The constant weight of an incinerator over a period Δt under the ingestion of 100 bananas is probably due to the burning of 100 bananas. The size of the bananas is irrelevant. (Relativity)

2. Principle

The thyroid is not (alone).

Each user is individual when it comes to estimating calories as well as metabolism and activity. Therefore, the individual energy unit kalo (1 kalomo = 1 approximate kilocalorie) is used in the calorie counting app.

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